Age of Snakes (ICRPG)

Age of Snakes: Adventures in a Fallen Alfheim (ICRPG)

King Henryk has fallen. This sets off a chain reaction of events across all of Alfheim that gives rise to the Snake-Men once more, and giving power to Bast, the ruthless successor to the snake-god mastermind Sett. Bast controls the minds of all Snake-Men, and uses them to topple one region after another.

Age of Snakes: Adventures in a Fallen Alfheim is a game supplement for use with Index Card RPG. It contains over 80 pages of content themed to the 150-year period following the death of King Henryk. The book contains the following:

  • All artwork done by the original creator of ICRPG, Brandish Gilhelm of Runehammer Games
  • A new villain, the undead Snake-Man Bast
  • 46 new character Tags
  • 8 unique factions 
  • 6 pregenerated "Champions" to kickstart the fight against the Snake-Men
  • Details for all 15 regions of Alfheim on how the Age of Snakes has affected them
  • 15 new monsters, four of which are Snake-Man variants
  • 3 unique adventures that work together to tell the story of the end of the Age of Snakes, or as standalone adventures
The digital version of this book includes:
  • Print-and-play sheets containing all monsters and NPCs that can be used at the table or on a VTT



Bast the new king

Bast, the new king...

He is Risen.The elves of Aphos saw him rise, an undead king from the First Age. They struck a deal with him to protect themselves, and sealed the fate of Alfheim!
THE VILLAIN BAST can control the minds of any Snake-Man, near or far, and has thus been able to coordinate a domination over the continent. He is difficult to defeat, but not impossible.

Use the Age of Snakes adventures resources however you wish, but if you choose to, you can create an ultimate campaign with Bast at the center. He sits upon the highest tower in the capitol city of Iridess, and has several imposters who will lead players well down the wrong road!


Glyphstones at a glance...

The Protective Glyphstones have stood in Alfheim for untold millenia, most of them ingeniously hidden by landscape or magic. Their origin? Largely unknown. Their purpose? To contain and suppress the most evil of magics.

With all 256 Glyphstones functioning, Bast could not use his mind control on a global level. But he changed everything by transporting away or outright destroying all but five of these stones.

​With the network of glyphstones down, these last five have gone inert.

The five remaining stones are the objectives of the THREE ADVENTURES in Age of Snakes. To find them, activate them, and put an end to the Second Snake Age of Alfheim.


Champions and factions...

Meet six of the most renown Snake-killers in Alfheim. Their story is only half told, and it's up to you to tell the rest. These characters are intended as "mid-level" and can jumpstart a powerful and high stakes Age of Snakes campaign within minutes.

Also included are three factions:

  • The First Order of Mages
  • Smite of Akram
  • Creed of the Hawk

Each of these is another launching point for character development and design.

Membership has its perks! Included are two powerful faction-exclusive TAGS for each faction.


A Changed World...

The Snake-Men do not control all of Alfheim, but they have managed to affect every last corner of it in one way or another.

All 15 regions of Alfheim are detailed, each having at least:

  • Two new locations
  • Two related adventure hooks.

10 of the regions also contain:

  • Three unique NPCs to encounter
  • A d20 table of regional Threats and Dangers

And both Kath and Grey contain even more tables and descriptions since they are the epicenters of the Snake-Man scourge!


 A Hero's Quest...

Three adventures offer a path for adventures to end the Age of Snakes themselves. By finding and activating the five remaining Glyphstones in Alfheim, Bast's incredible powers can be shut down for good. 

Each adventure includes details for three encounters, ending a showdown with liches who are built on the CHUNK system!

The three adventures are:

  • The Patronage of al-Zaid
  • The Ashen Rangers (adapted from Magnus Ehnberg's forum community classic!)
  • A Snakeless Dawn

Age of Snakes Print and Play sheets

Print, Play, Conquer...

8 Pages of print-and-play sheets are included in the digital version of this book.

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