My name is Dave. I play RPGs and review them on YouTube. I feel that the tabletop RPG industry has entered a sort of Golden Age, and we're only seeing the start of it. I can't even name my favorite game system or setting because there are so many brilliant ones out there at this point.

I feel that the lifestyle of RPGs is the most rewarding of all tabletop diversions. It asks you to read, synthesize, to draw and to write, and to put yourself in dynamic social situations. Most of all, it asks you to imagine.

My goal with YouTube is to promote the shining jewels in the TTRPG world, and to elevate artists and writers in that space as best I can.

And by doing some writing of my own, I'm able to tap into the challenges of creating, rather than just reading and critiquing.

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Dave Thaumavore's eyes
I was born in Louisiana and studied at the University of Hawaii, the University of Texas at Austin, Jochi Daigaku (
上智大学) in Tokyo, and the University of Houston Law Center, earning degrees in communications, Asian studies and law. I have since lived and worked in Portland, Oregon, the Special Economic Zone of Hong Kong (香港), Houston, Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My day job has given me the opportunity to travel to far-flung places like Istanbul, Amsterdam, London and beyond.