Fluxfall Horizon

Fluxfall Horizon is a Powered by the Apocalypse RPG involving players who "lance" or jump from parallel Earth to parallel Earth, originally starting from an ultra-tech future and wrestling with both local problems as well as secret personal objectives. 

  1. Corporate (Junior Exec and Senior Exec): You were selected for field work not because you are expendable, but because of your quick thinking and your discretion, and above all your loyalty to the company. Those things are indispensable to ChronoCorp, and you’re important to the company. You were born for the job of corporate chronolancer.
  2. Military (Soldier and Officer): You knew you would serve in uniform as far back as you could remember. But but you trust ChronoCorp about as far as you can throw their corporate headquarters. Duty has you here, on the front lines fighting a new enemy. It would just be nice if the brass told you who or what that enemy is.
  3. Science (Planetologist and Quantologist): Colleagues have told you that it is a waste of your talent to be lancing with laymen but you have your reasons. After all, it’s a new age of enlightenment for humankind, and you have been chosen to be marching into its latest frontier!
  4. Navigator (Neophyte and Elder): Members of the Order of the Continuum do not call themselves “Navigators,” but the name does not offend. After all, ever since ChronoCorp approached the Order for assistance so many years ago at the dawn of their quantum exploration, navigation is what the members have done.
  5. Civilian (Tourist and Bystander): You weren’t trained for this. You actually tried to do some research on lance technology once, but between the military, ChronoCorp and the Order, each source was more tight-lipped than the last. But now you get to itch your passing curiosity with the real thing.
  6. Intelligence (Agent and Handler): There are strings being pulled that most people could never comprehend. And at any given moment, one tug could mean the end of Home Earth. You're on the front lines of an invisible war fought with knowledge. Trust no one.